How do we match the colours?

Dansgirl has many styles of dancewear. These dancewear are made of different fabrics. Different fabrics may have different colour shades. Therefore, it is important to know how you can choose a correct color and how your items will match in colours.

We have different fabrics. Each fabrics has its own colors. Some colors display slightly different on different fabrics. You can check the color swatches that sent to you in your first order.

However, there are only several fabrics that match in color. For example, all leotards can match with same available color chiffon skirts and Tutus. Such as following details:

Color Fabric
Light Pink Chiffon;Tutu;85%Polyamide,15Spandex;88%Cotton,12%Spandex;
Deep Pink Chiffon;Tutu;85%Polyamide,15 Spandex;
Red Chiffon;Tutu;85%Polyamide,15Spandex;88%Cotton,12%Spandex;
Sky Blue Chiffon;Tutu;85%Polyamide,15 Spandex;
Purple Chiffon;Tutu;85%Polyamide,15 Spandex;
Royal Blue Chiffon;Tutu;85%Polyamide,15 Spandex;
Dark Green Tutu; 85% Polyamide,15 Spandex;
White All fabrics
Black All fabrics

Please contact our customer service representatives for details by or for your order. By the way, for Australian Customers, please note to check Dansgirl color between Grape and Purple!

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