Costumer Visit

Meeting with Lisa Clark

Lisa(left) and Wendy(right)

On 16th of Sep, I took Lisa Clark (principal of school of Lisa Clark in Canberra, Australia) to visit Beijing Dance Academy. It was the first time for me to visit the dance school, though I have been worked in the dancewear field for nearly 3 yrs. It is a pity, isn’t?

After we came to the school, I can see dancers everywhere. They look different as normal people. They are elegant and slim, which I admire very much. In the class we visited, 12 boys practice ballet there. Wow~ It was a great experience for me. From them, I got to know you must pay great attention to details of movements. Repeat, repeat, and repeat! It is not easy to be a dancer.

I start to understand that why dancers pay close attention to details. It might because they practice hard? They need to show a perfect image to the audience?

The work becomes more interesting…

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