On 8th October, I was honored to have the chance to watch The 3rd Beijing International Ballet Invitational for Dance Schools which was sponsored by Beijing Dance Academy. It is the first time for me to watch on-site ballet performance. Most of audience were dance students from home and abroad who impressed people as dancers by their beautiful slim body line. As a layman I feel so lucky for this opportunity.

          The competition begins at 7:30 pm. Each contestant performed with their best skills and in their excellent conditions. There will be immediately applause when performers completed an excellent action, or a special music expression, or difficult action. From warm applause we can read appreciation, admiration and encouragement… Watching their dancing, I am full of exciting and touching. I wish I would be a dancer among them.

         I was deeply impressed by their dancewear. Each contestant wore the unique clothes. Please follow me enjoy some of their beautiful dancewears.

           I’m delighted to announce that Dansgirl now start making basic performance dancewear. Dansgirl is warm welcomed among overseas customers by its delicate craftsmanship , fashionable style and short delivery period. As for short delivery period, taking 100 pieces tutus for example, we can make it within 2- 3 weeks. We guarantee that we provide high quality products for customers.

Thanks for visiting Dansgirl web!

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