Our skateboard has completed the final upgrade in September 2020, so all the skateboards you buy after September will be the latest. They are higher quality, more durable and give full play to the advantages of the next generation of skateboarding.

According to the actual shipping time on the official website. But there will be delays during holidays.

First of all, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PURCHASE FROM ECOMOBL!!! Secondly, I am willing to explain how the shipping works so that you will know what to expect and do not worry.

Once we generate the label above, it will be sent to you. This means we made a label and your package has left Ecomobl. In many countries, the tracking then will be updated to “In transit”. This is not the case with these shipments. THE TRACKING WILL NOT BE UPDATED UNTIL IT LANDS IN THE DESTINATION COUNTRY and your package is received by the domestic carrier (Fedex,UPS, DHL,Etc).

At that time, your tracking will be updated and they will send you an exact delivery date. Usually 3 or 4 days from landing. This entire process from “label made” to the package at your door is approximately 10-16 working days.
When the package is delivered, please be sure to sign it by yourself, and do not let UPS leave the package in the lobby or other places where nobody is there.

The waterproof level of ecomobl boards is IP56.

Our skateboards are not 100% waterproof, please do not ride in the water. Water damage is out of warranty.

If the ecomobl board will not be used for a long time, store the board fully charged and then after a maximum period of three months discharge at least 50% and then charge back to full capacity. Repeat that process if the board is to stay unused or better still give it to someone that will use it, the boards are too good to be left alone.

Please make sure the board and remote are fully charged, and pair the remote again to the board as the following steps:

Turn on your skateboard, hold the skateboard power button for a few seconds, and it starts flashing, so it means ecomobl skateboard is waiting for pairing. Now turn on your remote press two buttons at the same time, now they are pairing.

We recommend the user’s age to be 14 years and up. Children under 14 years needs to be under the Adult’s supervision. Please make sure you always wear a helmet and your personal protective gear just in case. Do not ride the board out of your skills and always care about your surroundings.

First explain the problem to ecomobl and shoot related videos. After the problem is confirmed by ecomobl, please follow the instructions of ecomobl for repair. As long as there is a problem with the quality of the skateboard, Ecomobl will ensure the parts you need.

★ When you receive the skateboard make sure to test it for safety before riding. Particularly before riding on a setting beyond the first speed setting.

★ Before riding, always remember to inspect your board for loose connections, loose nuts,bolts or screws, tire condition, charge levels of remote and batteries, riding conditions,etc and ALWAYS wear approved protective gear.

★ Please use the original charger to charge the skateboard! If your charger is broken, please consult original factory before purchasing!

★ When charging the electric skateboard, please place it in an open area away from other objects. Don’t charge overnight, and don’t overcharge the skateboard.

★ Observe the laws and regulations of your country. Avoid riding in dangerous places.