Shipping Policy

We can ship for The United States, Europe, Canada, Russia, Australia, Southeast Asia, other places please consult us. We can also ship for Latin American countries under special conditions. If you live in an island, please confirm with us before purchasing, because we cannot deliver to some small islands.

For Europe, you can also visit We have warehouses in Spain, and their delivery time will be faster.

We ship for free orders over 900$ (tax included, except parts). If we have your order in stock, the delivery date will usually be marked on the product page.
What happens after you order? You usually get email updates about when we process your order, assemble your product and when we place it in the box.

Please note that your shipping/ tracking number isn’t issued immediately. You will get it AFTER your product leaves our facilities , you will receive the tracking number via email as soon as it’s issued.
Tax included:

  • EU, North America, Australia, East Asia, Southeast Asia.
  • If you are in other countries, please consult us before purchasing.

Tax excluded:

  • Parts and ultra Fast Shipping (Tax excluded).
  • The probability that it will not generate tax is 70%, and the probability that it will generate a small amount of tax is 30%.

Shipping- How it works

First of all, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PURCHASE FROM ECOMOBL!!! Secondly, I am willing to explain how the shipping works so that you will know what to expect and do not worry.
Once we generate the label above, it will be sent to you. This means we made a label and your package has left Ecomobl. In many countries, the tracking then will be updated to “In transit”. This is not the case with these shipments. THE TRACKING WILL NOT BE UPDATED UNTIL IT LANDS IN THE DESTINATION COUNTRY and your package is received by the domestic carrier (Fedex,UPS, DHL,Etc).
At that time, your tracking will be updated and they will send you an exact delivery date. Usually 3 or 4 days from landing. This entire process from “label made” to the package at your door is approximately 10-16 working days.
When the package is delivered, please be sure to sign it by yourself, and do not let UPS leave the package in the lobby or other places where nobody is there.

But now, we already have inventory in the United States, and the shipping time is subject to the time marked on the product page.

PLEASE NOTE: we cannot change the address for you during the delivery process!
Enjoy your board, dont forget to come check in with pics or videos and remember we are always around if you have questions or need some guidance through your first servicing, or just want to chat.
Ride Hard, ride often and RIDE SAFE!