Office will be closed from 30th of Jan to 13th of Feb

January 29th, 2011

Dear All,

Our office will be closed from 30th of Jan to 13th of Feb, 2011. During the period, our website will take orders automaticlly. So you can still place your orders to us:) as we will process and deliver the orders based on the time sequence. That is to say, the earlier you place the order, the sooner you can get the order afer we come back on 14th of Feb.

Enquries will be replied after we come back. We will reply to your enquiries based on the time sequence as well. Therefore, pls don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to get your enquiries when we come back on Valentine’s day.

Thanks for your suppport and patience again!

Wish you a happy life and happy new year!

Best Regards,

Dansgirl Team

2011 Holiday Notice

December 24th, 2010

Dear Customers

We wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

In the upcoming months, there are several important holidays for you and us. We have made up a holiday plan for our employees. Therefore, orders and enquiries will be handled differently as normal times. Please read the following info thoroughly.

Jan 1st — Jan 3th 2011
Office will be closed for New Year.
Factory will be closed for New Year as well.
Therefore, no orders will be processed and delivered during the period. In the meantime, enquiries will not be able to be replied too.

Jan 10th — Feb 18th 2011
will be closed for Chinese New Year holidays.
Special order and out-of-stock items can’t be delivered.
Only in-stock items can be sent out.
Please ask for the stocking-list and order out of it.

*Special Order
Orders are made differently as our normal items, such as customer’s logo, or special patterns.

*Out-Of-Stock Items
As a manufacturer, we only keep a small stock for selling. So most of items are not in stock, we have to remake the items if the items are out-of-stock.

*In-stock Items
In order to meet the needs of customers, we added more items into the stock for the holiday period. So we can say, we hold more items now than ever. If you would like to order and get the items immediately, please write to us and ask for the stocking-list. We will help you find the items.

Office will be available except official Chinese new year period.

30th of Jan — Feb 13th 2011 (official Chinese new year period)
Office will be closed.
Enquiries will not be replied until we return to the office.

Very Important Notice:
During Jan 10th — Feb 18th, 2011, though our factory is closed and can’t make any items, we are able to take orders. For any special or out-of-stock orders, we will keep them in sequence based on the time the order is placed. After holiday, these orders will be processed and dispatched based on the time the order is placed. We call it as Waiting-list System for holidays. Therefore, if you want to ensure a quick delivery after holiday, please make sure that you place the orders ASAP so as to grasp a good position for your order!

If you do have some urgent/special orders that need to be received before Feb, please place the orders to us NOW (no late than 5th of Jan, 2011). Otherwise, you will have to wait until we come back. It is the same for nearly every factory or company in China as Chinese New Year is the most important, therefore, the longest holidays for Chinese.

Announcement concerning our delivery

December 7th, 2010

Dear Customers,

We would like to make an announcement concerning our delivery.

Firstly, we only have a relatively small warehouse for storing our products. Therefore, when we receive an order, there is good chance that we need to make new orders to our manufacturing plant to produce additional supplies.

Secondly, so far, we are delivering our products all from Beijing, China. So a certain amount of international package delivering time should be considered. The estimated deliver time overall would probably range from 1~2 weeks depend on the destination of our delivery.

Please take consideration about the above conditions before you requesting an order, so that we can deliver your order on your desired date.

Yours, sincerely
Beijing Dansco Dance & Active Wears Co., Ltd

The US and the UK Dance Expos

December 1st, 2010

Dear Customers,

We are glad to inform you that we, on behalf of the company-Beijing Dansco Dance & Active Wears Co., Ltd, are going to be participating two dancewear expos in the US and the UK in the coming season. The details are as follows:


The US Expo Name: Dance Retailers News.

Date: 27/02/2011~01/03/2011.

Stand No.: 414, 513.

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center.

The UK Expo Name: Move It 2011.

Date: 10/03/2011~13/03/2011.

Stand No.:306

Location: Olympia London.


These two expos provide us great opportunities to demonstrate our fine quality dancewear to our international customers in a more direct way. Please welcome to visit us to see and touch the real items that are made of best workmanships. And we will be happy to get to know your needs and requests through these two expos.


Beijing Dansco Dance & Active Wears Co., Ltd

November 3rd, 2010

         On 8th October, I was honored to have the chance to watch The 3rd Beijing International Ballet Invitational for Dance Schools which was sponsored by Beijing Dance Academy. It is the first time for me to watch on-site ballet performance. Most of audience were dance students from home and abroad who impressed people as dancers by their beautiful slim body line. As a layman I feel so lucky for this opportunity.

          The competition begins at 7:30 pm. Each contestant performed with their best skills and in their excellent conditions. There will be immediately applause when performers completed an excellent action, or a special music expression, or difficult action. From warm applause we can read appreciation, admiration and encouragement… Watching their dancing, I am full of exciting and touching. I wish I would be a dancer among them.

         I was deeply impressed by their dancewear. Each contestant wore the unique clothes. Please follow me enjoy some of their beautiful dancewears.

           I’m delighted to announce that Dansgirl now start making basic performance dancewear. Dansgirl is warm welcomed among overseas customers by its delicate craftsmanship , fashionable style and short delivery period. As for short delivery period, taking 100 pieces tutus for example, we can make it within 2- 3 weeks. We guarantee that we provide high quality products for customers.

Thanks for visiting Dansgirl web!

Costumer Visit

October 15th, 2010

Meeting with Lisa Clark

Lisa(left) and Wendy(right)

On 16th of Sep, I took Lisa Clark (principal of school of Lisa Clark in Canberra, Australia) to visit Beijing Dance Academy. It was the first time for me to visit the dance school, though I have been worked in the dancewear field for nearly 3 yrs. It is a pity, isn’t?

After we came to the school, I can see dancers everywhere. They look different as normal people. They are elegant and slim, which I admire very much. In the class we visited, 12 boys practice ballet there. Wow~ It was a great experience for me. From them, I got to know you must pay great attention to details of movements. Repeat, repeat, and repeat! It is not easy to be a dancer.

I start to understand that why dancers pay close attention to details. It might because they practice hard? They need to show a perfect image to the audience?

The work becomes more interesting…

How do we match the colours?

October 3rd, 2010

Dansgirl has many styles of dancewear. These dancewear are made of different fabrics. Different fabrics may have different colour shades. Therefore, it is important to know how you can choose a correct color and how your items will match in colours.

We have different fabrics. Each fabrics has its own colors. Some colors display slightly different on different fabrics. You can check the color swatches that sent to you in your first order.

However, there are only several fabrics that match in color. For example, all leotards can match with same available color chiffon skirts and Tutus. Such as following details:

Color Fabric
Light Pink Chiffon;Tutu;85%Polyamide,15Spandex;88%Cotton,12%Spandex;
Deep Pink Chiffon;Tutu;85%Polyamide,15 Spandex;
Red Chiffon;Tutu;85%Polyamide,15Spandex;88%Cotton,12%Spandex;
Sky Blue Chiffon;Tutu;85%Polyamide,15 Spandex;
Purple Chiffon;Tutu;85%Polyamide,15 Spandex;
Royal Blue Chiffon;Tutu;85%Polyamide,15 Spandex;
Dark Green Tutu; 85% Polyamide,15 Spandex;
White All fabrics
Black All fabrics

Please contact our customer service representatives for details by or for your order. By the way, for Australian Customers, please note to check Dansgirl color between Grape and Purple!


September 16th, 2010

Could you tell us if your Leotards have lining? 

Dansgirl offers a large selection of Leotards in many colors and styles. Over 95% of Leotards have lining inside. Most of the lining is half piece( of white fabric made of poly cotton) to be put inside of the front of the leotards.

Browse our Camisoles Leotards, Halters  Leotards, Long Sleeves  Leotards, Short Sleeves  Leotards, Tanks  Leotards, Cap Sleeves  Leotards and Sleeveless  Leotards for more details.

Dansgirl Products Introduction

September 10th, 2010

Welcome to Dansgirl!

Our business is very prosperous, and our friendly and personal service make us a great place to shop online for all your dancewear and dance shoes needs. We truly value our customers because we love to  hear your stories and give you the personal touch.

 Dansgirl has a large selection of Leotards, Unitards, Skirts Gym & Yoga Wear Tops & Bottoms,Suana Wear, Warm-Ups, Accessories and  Tights, as well as Kids dancewear and dance shoes. We provide a large selection of leotards in many colors and styles. Browse our Camisoles Leotards, Halters  Leotards, Long Sleeves  Leotards, Short Sleeves  Leotards, Tanks  Leotards, Cap Sleeves  Leotards, Sleeveless  Leotards.If you are looking for a new leotard or dress please check out at our New Arrivals page.

Our Dance Shoes Collection is equally impressive including Pointe Shoes , Ballet Slippers , Latin Shoes , Tap Shoes , Jazz Shoes , Dance sneakers , Character Shoes, Ballroom Shoes, Flamenco Shoes , Ballroom Shoes, Teacher’s Shoe , Modern Shoes and Special Styles .We have some Leotards and other dance product for Quick Order to ship immediately!

International Department of Dansgirl

September 7th, 2010

International Department has a team of 8 people. Now let me introduce you all members!  

Group Photo

Group Photo

Wendy(Manager of International Department)

Wendy(Manager of International Department)

Lily (Manager Assistant of International Department)

Lily (Manager Assistant of International Department)

Sally(Customer Service Representative)

Sally(Customer Service Representative)

 Silvia (Customer Service Representative)

Silvia (Customer Service Representative)



Lily Chen(Web Editor)

Lily Chen(Web Editor)

Meijie  Yang(Clerk of Delivery Management )

Meijie Yang(Clerk of Delivery Management )

 Xuezhi Yang (Warehouse Keeper)

Xuezhi Yang (Warehouse Keeper)